In May 1945, peace is proclaimed all over Europe. The Löwander family runs their old fashioned restaurant in Stockholm, but the small amount of patrons worries them. The eldest son, Gustaf, is willing to resort to unconventional methods to solve their problems. His brother Peter is suspicious of him and represents an even bigger threat. Meanwhile, their naive little sister Nina runs into a stranger who she shares an impulsive kiss with, a kiss that will have long-lasting consequences. Calle Svensson makes an attempt to become one of DK's scullions to provide for his family, but his grumpy old boss is not making it easy for him. Margareta, who is working as a waitress, is struggling to get back custody of her three-year-old son while at the same time a forbidden love makes her position even more precarious.

ჩვენი დრო მოვიდა / THE RESTAURANT